The Spark

Every one of us, right now, is writing. Each breath a word, every movement a verse. We are always creating, revising and flipping pages forward, eager to begin the next chapter of our lives. That first kiss, a promotion, the time you felt alone and the morning you woke up feeling invincible. All milestones characterized by love, tension and a rising action. Life is an arc, and we're all riding the curve.

The Campfire Project began with a single question: in a world where everyone is talking, what lies beneath? The world has grown, evolved, plugged in and woken up. Information flows like water. Apps rule. To publish is to push a button. At any given second, billions of messages encircle us before arriving on screens around the planet. Each one, a story that could change everything. It is empowering, and a long time coming.

At the turn of the century, the world began a new chapter, one dominated by advanced technology that would connect people with one another like never before. We are now 14 years into the experiment, and the stories have multiplied exponentially, fostering conversations, connections and controversies that simply didn't exist in eras gone by. It is in this brave new world that hosts Chris Domico and Matt Dusenbury found one another, and sparked The Campfire Project, a podcast dedicated to exploring the intersection of technology and storytelling in all its forms.

The Campfire Project is a show that goes beyond convention, to look at the stories, messages, advertisements that consume our world and pinpoint not only what they're saying, but where they came from and why. The author always has an end in mind. And through the podcast, blog and the web at large, we aim to figure it out. Each week, we'll focus in on a specific topic or story and chip away until we arrive at the foundation, the core of the story, and look at it from every angle. If stories are how we know the world, we must know the stories that encircle us.

We've come a long way from telling stories around a campfire, a tradition so outdated it seems quaint. Our need to connect, however, has never been stronger. It is only the light that has changed, from the orange glow of the flame to the pale blue of the screen. With the firing of every pixel, another mark is etched in the story of our lives. Now it's time to go back, and read it from the beginning.

Welcome to The Campfire Project.