016: The First Step Is Raising People's Consciousness

The attack in Isla Vista, California that took place in May seemed like just another in a long line of tragic, public events. However, as more details emerged about the shooter's self-professed misogynist views, it became chillingly clear that there was a slant to his worldview, which blamed women, unnecessarily and unprovoked, for his troubles. In response, thousands took to social media and the #YesAllWomen hashtag was born. It's goal: to thrust real life stories of misogyny and and attacks on women to the forefront of the cultural conversation.


Today, Matt and Chris are joined by Brianna Wu, founder of the game company Giant SpaceKat and host of Isometric, to talk about #YesAllWomen, hashtag activism and online community building.

Warning: This podcast deals with language and issues that may be sensitive for some listeners.